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Every year, a member of the Makom team travels to Israel to meet with educators at various institutions. Our aim in these conversations is to understand the religious and social environments potential students will be joining. This helps applicants understand the unique expectations institutions may require of gay and lesbian students. These conversations are supplemented with interviews from alumni to develop a full picture of each institution. 


Makom's policy of confidentiality is central to the work we do. We recognize the sensitive and complex nature of these issues, both on a local and communal level. For this reason, information gathered will only be shared with students realistically considering applying. Experience has shown us that the promise of confidentiality allows the trust essential for honest and potentially difficult conversation. Information gathered will never be publicly shared or discussed.


Makom's aim is to gather information and help relay it to applicants who need it. We are not interested in pushing or dictating policy change. That said, the halakhic, hashkafic, social and emotional issues related to gay and lesbian people in the Orthodox community are complex. We are happy to serve as a non-judgmental point of contact for any educators who would like to discuss these issues more.

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